The workshops are fun and sociable, with a mix of theory and hands-on application.

The participants can obtain knowledge on the individual food topic, as well as explore their own creativity.


Check the calendar for dates and contact me for bookings and questions 

sourdough bread


Discover the unique flavours and health benefits of sourdough baking. You'll learn:


  • the basic biology and chemistry of sourdough

  • how to prepare your own sourdough starter

  • how to refresh and maintain healthy your sourdough culture

  • how to use a sourdough starter to make bread

  • how to knead a bread dough by hand

  • all the fundamentals of baking sourdough bread 

You will take back home a jar of sourdough and your own bread dough, along with new knowledge and confidence, in order to continue your personal "sourdough-bread-adventure" at home.

We will finish with a tasting of several bread types

fresh pasta


Life is a combination of magic and pasta 

(Federico Fellini)

You'll learn:

  • the science behind fresh pasta 

  • how to orient yourself in the peculiar flour classification system

  • how to knead a pasta dough by hand

  • how to create some of the most traditional fresh pasta shapes

  • how to prepare a simple and tasty sauce

  • how to cook fresh pasta

  • all the Italian cooking secrets in order to make fresh homemade pasta on your own

We will finish with a lovely dinner including a seasonal salad, homemade sourdough bread and wine.

Filo dough/Greek pies


Filo is a very thin sheet of dough used to make pies and pastries. Pies (gr. πίτες) made from filo are deeply rooted in Greek tradition and you can find them in variable shapes and with different fillings, all over the country.


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • the history and traditions of Greek pies

  • how to prepare the dough

  • how to roll out the dough to filo sheets

  • how to prepare a typical and seasonal filling

  • how to assemble and bake the pie


We will finish the workshop enjoying the freshly baked pie, accompanied by some Greek yogurt and wine.