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Sourdough tahini rolls

Since the time I have gotten into bread making, my visits to bakeries have been drastically decreased. Nowadays, I rarely buy bread, however, they are still reasons, mostly sweet, that make me step into a bakery or pastry shop. For instance, the sweet rolls, filled with cinnamon, chocolate, or anything else are among the baked goods that attract me with their smell and appearance. I wanted for a long time to use my sourdough and try to make some of these at home. Finally I made it, and here they are, my sweet sourdough rolls, filled with a tahini-based spread.

The process was pretty straightforward, and even though I usually do things empirically, the final result was rewarding both in terms of taste and texture. To make them, I did first a light brioche dough that I let it rise until almost doubled in size. Then, I rolled it out gently and subsequently covered it with tahini, sugar, and carob flour. Finally, I rolled the dough sheet, cut it into pieces, and baked the rolls. Soon after, I began the exploration of their interior!


Sourdough tahini rolls

It makes 6-8 pieces


  • 450g flour white flour (type 550)

  • 50g whole grain flour

  • 180g active sourdough

  • 100g milk

  • 100g water

  • 1 egg

  • 30g sugar

  • 3g salt

  • 40g butter


  • 150g tahini

  • 25g sugar

  • 20g carob flour


  • powdered sugar

- Mix in a bowl all the ingredients, except the butter. Use your hands to incorporate well all the flour. Leave the final mash rest for 30 min. In the meantime, bring butter to room temperature and cut it into pieces.

- Add the butter and massage it into the dough. Work the dough for a few minutes. If it feels very tensed and difficult to stretch, let it rest for 10 min as to relax, and then start again. When butter is fully incorporated and the dough looks relatively smooth, stop kneading, cover it, and let it rest.

(Obviously, the whole process can be done with a machine, but by hands works also well and it needs much less time than people usually think)

- Using wet hands, perform a simple stretch-and-fold action around the dough, 2 or 3 times every 45 min.

- Let the dough ferment and rise until almost doubled in size. This might take many hours depending on the sourdough power and the room temperature. You can let the dough rise for some hours at room temperature and continue by putting it in the fridge for a whole day.

(In my case, the dough took 6 hours to rise ca. 30% at a temperature of 23-24 ºC. Then, I transferred it into the fridge for the whole night and I found it fully risen next day)

- Transfer the dough onto a floured surface and roll it out gently with a rolling pin, up to a width of ca. 0.3 cm.

(With this amount of dough, the dimension of the sheet was 40x35 cm)

- Spread the tahini and sprinkle the sugar and the carob flour.

- Roll the dough into a long cylinder and cut it into pieces.

- Put the pieces in a lightly oiled or buttered pan, cover it, and let it proof for 1-2 hours.

- Bake for ca. 45 min at 190 ºC.

- Sprinkle some powdered sugar and enjoy!!!


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